Viewing Adobe Flash Player Content on iOS and Android

Today we will explain how to get Adobe Flash videos playing direct on your iOS-based iPhone or Android device, and why you should do so. Looking to enhance your experience as you’re browsing the internet without feeling like giant holes are cut out of it due to the lack of Flash support? The latest version of Flash, mainly Adobe Flash Player 32 is free to download and offers major benefits for anyone browsing the internet from mobile devices.

However, before we get started there are a few concerns we’re going to address in preparing for the initial download. At the moment, Google Play does not offer Adobe Flash Player (which is why this article exists) and the only means in which to get it is a round-about download and implementation on the user’s part. So if you’re willing to take the time, your Android smartphone or tablet device can be coaxed to smoothly run with Adobe Flash Player 32. Which can be a colossal upgrade if you’re on the internet more then 10+ hours and use your devices to access it on a daily basis.

But since the application is not officially published from Adobe, this means that there’s no support or fixes for the download if something goes wrong. The application can be removed, however, so there’s no threat that it’ll break your device. Just be aware that Adobe Flash Player has the capability to be rather fickle. You can take a quick glimpse of the official applications that Adobe is offering on Google Play, which are all helpful but not exactly what we’re looking for.

There’s no hacking, rooting, or anything too messy involved. But the process itself will take some time in order to establish. Below you can follow the necessary steps to installing Adobe Flash Player on your Android smartphone or tablet. Both have been tested, and have been approved as working properly on said devices.

At the moment, Adobe Flash Player is accessible for Android devices. It has only been recently the 32.0 version of has been made available in Adobe’s archive.  Scroll down about halfway, and you can see the update regarding the recent release of Adobe Flash Player 32.0 which will be downloadable to your personal preference. If you’re looking at the 29.1 version, you’ll scroll down a little farther and make sure that the Android device (or tablet) is a suitable 4.0+ version or higher.

There is also a third-party website that offers Adobe Flash Player 32 for your Android if searching through the list for an accessible version isn’t your cup of tea. This one is rather quick and efficient, but be certain to take the time and follow the steps of the guide above.

If you are attempting to access this download with either Android 2.x or 3.x you will have to delve a little lower and find the appropriate download. This can be done on your phone, so no need to place extra emphasis on your laptop or another device. Some suggestions for web browsers that you can use are Puffin Web Browser Free or UC Browser; both of which are optimized for a superior gaming experience.

We’ll keep you updated on any future advancements for Adobe Flash Player. Enjoy your rich multimedia experience!

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