Unlocking your phone can save you money while traveling

There’s a lot of misconceptions and misinformation when it comes to locked phones and unlocking. There are much more limitations with a locked phone than not being able to use your phone with other networks’ SIM cards. Here are some of them:

  • You can’t use other SIM cards then those from your carrier
  • You can’t delete pre-installed apps from your carrier
  • You can’t use your phone in other countries or locations

Different carriers put different limitations and criteria, but those are the main ones. Although very common, many people don’t even know that their phone is locked to a country since they don’t travel. Even if you can use your locked phone in another country, your carrier will bill you a huge amount of money for their roaming services. You would still be able to call or text people, but the price for a single call can be 5 times more than your usual rate. The best way of avoiding those roaming fees would be to use a local pre-paid SIM card. But, the problem with locked phones and other networks’ SIM cards is that you can’t actually use them.

You can unlock your phone and then you will be free to use whatever SIM card you want, in whatever country and do whatever you want regardless of your carrier. There’s a few ways you can unlock your phone:

  • Use an online service
  • Get your network to unlock it
  • Go to the local phone store

Most networks though require an unlocking fee for them to unlock it and it takes a long time to do it. If you are on a payment plan you will have to wait for it to end or pay a termination fee. You can also go to the local phone store but those are pretty rare today and it can take a long time too. Some local phone shops even unlock phones using an online service and then resell that service for a higher price. The best and safest way to unlock your phone would be by using an online unlock service. With an online service for unlocking phones, you can unlock your phone in less than 5 minutes and do it all securely and legally. You can even unlock your phone from a different country you are in. You just need an internet connection to do it.

So unlocking your phone will save you money when traveling because you won’t have to pay a huge amount of roaming fees. Not only that, but you can also resell your phone for a higher price since it’s unlocked.

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