Top 5 Great Tips And Tricks Using Gmail

Gmail made its first appearance in 2004 and since then, it has put an end to its rivals’ dominance with its free, unique and simple email service.

Additionally, it offers more storage room than it’s opponent’s services. In regards to fulfilling all this and becoming the best email service source in the whole world, Gmail has had to undergo some major adjustments over a period of time. And along with the changes, come some tips and tricks you can use to make its usage much faster and easier.

“Send and Archive” Feature

This nifty function helps tremendously if your task every day is inbox zero. It is a feature that automatically shifts conversations in Gmail’s archive the moment you reply to an email. If someone on the thread mails a new reply, the chat goes back to your inbox till you reply again or you archive it yourself.

Create Limitless Email ‘Aliases’ Using Your Gmail Account

To know how your email address is being used, whenever you sign up to a news sheet, simply add a dot anywhere in your Gmail username. This way, you get to make a new ‘alias’ address and all messages sent to it are forwarded to your main Gmail address. For instance, if your address reads, you can make some variations such as or Why is this helpful? You get to figure out who’s selling or sold your address to spammers, in case you receive any spam message.

Evade the Blank Message Prompt

Sometimes you may wish to send a note where the subject carries the whole message. If you do this, then you recognize the prompt that asks whether you are sure you want to send your message without content in the body. To avoid this prompt, simply type “(EOM)” or “EOM” (End of Message) after the subject to inform Gmail you have completed your message.

Email Safety Check

Think somebody is accessing your account? Look at the ‘sign in’ history in your Gmail. This is a little trick that lets you discern whether someone has stolen your password and is peeping in your inbox. To do this, click on ‘details’, which you will find next to ‘last account activity’, at the bottom of your screen in Gmail. Here you will be able to see the last ten IP addresses logged in on your account, their locations, time and date. If you are using just one machine to access your account, the set of IP numbers should be the same. You can also set up an ‘Alert’ at the bottom of the window to notify you of unusual activity on your account.

Keep Your Organization Simple Using a Star!

You can also ‘Star’ your messages in Gmail and move them to a particular folder labeled, ‘Starred’. This is, however, by default, in ‘inbox’. This feature is very important for messages you wish to review in the future. The ‘star’ can also be accorded to an email that was sorted and filtered to a label.


Whether you currently use Gmail or are thinking of migrating to it, there most likely are unique features about Gmail you never knew existed. And for that reason, the above information will help you utilize Gmail’s full potential in a much better way.

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