The Rise of the Video CV

Nowadays we use the internet for everything from doing our grocery shopping to playing games and even looking for a job. The internet is now one of the primary places for recruitment with many company websites now having a ‘vacancies’ page and job advertisements being tweeted about and shared on Facebook. This new age of recruitment has stirred up the creative community and unleashed new levels of creativity when it comes to job applications and C.Vs. It is definitely time to say goodbye to the black and white Times New Roman CV and hello to the video CV!

There have been some excellent video CV’s made by job hunters, some of which have gone viral and had thousands of hits on YouTube. The Video CV is all about standing out and being noticed which is essential in today’s economic climate where there are hundreds of applications per job vacancy. It is there to show the potential employer that you think outside the box and are willing to go the extra mile.

To make a video CV you must first come up with a concept. There have been some great video CV’s with the applicants singing songs about their qualifications and experience. You don’t need to be as wacky as this but you need to decide what message you want to get across and the tone that your video should take. Obviously this will greatly depend on the type of company that you are applying to. If you are looking for IT sales jobs then you may want to take a slightly more technical approach than if you were going for something in the creative arts where you would want to showcase your design and creativity.

Once you have made a plan you will need to get yourself a camera. The mini cameras that are used for blogging or your phone camera (if it is good quality) should be fine. Film numerous takes of your video CV so that you have a lot of material to work with when you have finished shooting. You can then edit the best bits together. You should try and break your video up with things like images and examples of your work as it will be much more exciting than you just talking directly to the camera for 5 minutes. Also, don’t just read it verbatim off a piece of paper as this kind of defeats the object. Be interesting and expressive. Use props where necessary but try not to be cheesy. When it comes to editing your video make sure that you pay attention to the spelling of any text that you decide to include and that your contact details are listed and readily available.

Here is a great example of a video CV to get your creative juices flowing:

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