Hosting services for multimedia students, what can they offer?

The hosting providers market has come to a halt. Look around; every provider offers pretty much the same service, the price differences seem to be negotiated centrally and the stability and speed are “ok”… that is if you are located in the US, where most of the cheapest hosting companies reside. If you are located in the EU though, your situation gets more complicated quickly. Wondering about that lightning speed SSD hosting but you got a budget? If you are a (multimedia) student, you are in luck. You do not need to be afraid of sending that link to your site with your new job application anymore, fearing in the corner of your mind that it might just stop working while the HR will be looking at your multimedia portfolio.

“The hosting providers market has come to a halt.”

Avisioned has built their hosting – the “web hotel” around the student. Do you need to build up your personal portfolio, project blog or need a space to pitch your startup idea? Well, there just might be a solution for you now.

The student web hotel is not your grandma’s hosting, no – it is not that rigid service with lots and lots features and oozes of offers and price cuts, black Fridays that last for weeks – while you in the moment need only the FTP or the Database button.

It is dead simple. Simple, but not dumb, mind you – Avisioned just thinks out of the box. No massive hardware infrastructures – instead, large, dynamic but light cloud network. Anywhere, anytime. SSD performance finally in the EU for a price that any student can afford.

The plan starts at 2.99€ a month, and the pricing is very straightforward, without surprises which you might experience at the other services like the “big daddy” or “the one”, where your price might double after your first year (and you usually need to be rather quick to cancel it or you will end up paying it!).

The interesting part is that you CAN pay more. Now why would I want to do that you may ask? For extra flexibility. Most webhosters let you choose one, two, three or more years to save. But what if you do not need that? It may seem foolish to pay monthly, but if you think about it – even if some websites are temporary, it takes effort to bring them up and you want to represent your work at a certain professional level at all times. And that is why you CAN pay 4.99€ for one, two or more months.

“No configuration needed, not for WP, not for FTP, not for the database.”

The “student web hotel” features really just the bare minimum of features; PHPMyAdmin, web FTP, open FTP access and it tops up with MySQL Workbench access, which most shared hosting providers do not allow. Ah yes, there’s a “one-click WordPress installation” button. No configuration needed, not for WP, not for FTP, not for the database. But if you want, you CAN configure it.

It is then the “purist’s” solution; minimalistic, but very efficient. Everything works as it should, the setup is over in 5 minutes and you can start uploading and setting up WordPress or any other PHP system immediately. True, going live with a domain takes a bit more time, typically couple of hours, but that is rather usual – it has to do with the limits of the internet technology, it has been a long time since the internet was invented and some parts might be a bit dusty.

Not Avisioned though. This service brings a fresh wind of changes with a future promise for more of the same; performance and stability with all the tools a to-be professional needs.

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