5 Amazon Prime Benefits That You May Not Be Aware of

Many of us who are Amazon Prime members do get the 2-day free shipping option, access to Prime Video and other distinctive shows like Sneaky Pete and The Man in The High Castle. Most of us do not take into account of certain privileges that you can benefit from if you are an Amazon Prime member. So here are 5 benefits you may not know about or even make use of.

Kindle Owners Lending Library

Members of Amazon Prime can obtain one book from the Kindle Owners Lending Library each calendar Month. Although this is not available for all members of Amazon Prime only to those who have Kindle e-readers with Fire phones and tablets. Anyone who has any of the Amazon Phone or tablet devices can have access to thousands of titles with no due dates.

Audible Channels

Audible which is owned by Amazon, provides Prime members free access to Audible Channels. Audible Channels which has a rotating collection of the on-demand podcast in various categories including news, talk shows, comedy shows and others. Another benefit for Amazon Prime members it the capability of accessing streaming versions of audiobooks. In other to get access to any of the Audible services one must download the Audible app on any of the following platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows 10, or any of the Fire devices.

Amazon Prime Store Card

As a Prime member, you can sign up for the Amazon Prime Store Card, once it has been approved you can gain up to 5 percent from any item acquired from Amazon. This usually works well with people who pay their bills each month, giving them an opportunity to save cash.

Twitch Prime

For game lovers, this is a popular live-streaming video platform which is an auxiliary of Amazon. As a Prime member having Twitch Prime, you can gain huge savings on games and accessories, this also consists of advanced access to lightning deals.  

Prime Photos

As an Amazon Prime member, you get an unlimited photo storage in the Amazon cloud. It also comes with an alternative of less expensive photo prints, calendars, and card which are delivered to you through Photo Storage by Amazon Prints.

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