Mario Kart 8

4 Speed Boosts in Mario Kart 8 That You Never Knew

Not just in Mario Kart 8 but in any racing game, speed boost always comes in handy to help you stay ahead of the competition.

The more boosts you have at your disposal, the higher the chances of being able to win the race while speeding against your opponents. Mario Kart is fun to play and has one of the most visually amazing graphics you have seen which entertains kids and adults alike. Here are some secret speed boosts in the game that would allow you to gain some nitrous while on the track.

Startling Line and Jump Tricks

Most players might have missed this on many occasions, but Mario Kart 8 actually has an instant speed boost in the starting line. It might sound too silly to believe but they have secretly incorporated it into the programming. The key to unlocking this is to make sure you hit the accelerator button as soon as the countdown number two goes down. If you do it a bit early or late, you won’t gain this boost. So, be careful when you do this and wait for two to fall down. It’s all about gaining it initially right?

The jump tricks are all there which can be activated when you are jumping over ramps. You would often be flying, which is the basic level design in this kart racing game. Use the environment to your advantage and once again, timing is all that matters here. The jump button is your key. Just hit it the instant your kart leaves the jumping ramp and it will help you get a moderate boost in the air which will push you forward.

Environmental Boosts

The entire world of Mario Kart 8 is designed to help players boost their moves and keep moving at a quick pace. The environment will help you gain speed in select locations such as the current found in the dry desert or you can also use the shockwave found in one other map. One of the most important boosts of them all is the Zero-G boosts, which lets you gain speed, whenever you hit an obstacle or another kart; but be careful to not topple off.

Drafting and power sliding is another way to gain what you need. Do drafting in the corners where you have to keep your kart turned sideways for three seconds to activate it while power slide is similar to it, done before the turn begins.

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